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Tools (web apps)           License category   Annual subscription (USD)  
CarbonScope Commercial $300
Teaching/research   $150
Consultant*  Contact us for pricing.
FoodCarbonScope    Commercial $150
Teaching/research $100
Consultant* Contact us for pricing.
* Consulting licenses are available for companies whose offerings are complementary to our own service offerings.

Database                       License category   Annual subscription (USD)   50K accesses   100K accesses  500K accesses 
CarbonScopeData Database API* $1000  $1000               $1500                  $5000                
  Database browser   Included in CarbonScope 
* Database API requires both an annual subscription AND advance purchase of a block of API accesses.

Consulting services Project cost (USD)*
Product LCA/Product carbon footprinting      Starts at $1000 per product or SKU. Ask us for a quote.
Corporate/organizational GHG inventory Starts at $1000 per annual GHG inventory. Ask us for a quote.          
Other climate guidance and consulting Ask us for a quote.
 * Discounts available for multiple products or large projects.