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Product                       License category   Annual subscription (USD)   Annual usage limit * Additional usage
CarbonScope Commercial ** $300 300 model line items $150 for 150 model line items
Consultant $2000 1000 model line items   $1000 for 500 model line items   
Teaching/research   $150 300 model line items $150 for 300 model line items
Student *** $15 (6-month subscription) 100 model line items $15 for 100 model line items
CarbonScopeData Database browser   Included in CarbonScope     
Database API Coming soon - contact us for pricing     
FoodCarbonScope    Commercial $150 unlimited
Consultant $1000 unlimited
Teaching/research $100 unlimited
Student $10 (6-month subscription) unlimited

Consulting service Project cost (USD)
Product LCA/Product carbon footprinting      Starts at $1500. Ask us for a quote.
Corporate/organizational GHG inventory Starts at $1500. Ask us for a quote.          
Other climate guidance and consulting Ask us for a quote.

* Typical LCAs and GHG inventories will require less than 50 model line items each, but this can vary depending on the size and complexity of the systems being modeled. There is currently no usage limit to browse the CarbonScopeData LCI database via CarbonScope.
** Commercial subscriptions are for end-users using the tool within their own organization or on their own products. Anyone using the tool for the benefit of other organizations or entities (including those publishing broad carbon footprint information to the general public) should purchase a consultant subscription.
*** Student subscriptions are intended to support the use of a carbon modeling tool in classrooms or class projects only. Graduate student researchers should purchase a teaching/research subscription.