CleanMetrics 2.0 is a reboot of CleanMetrics Corp with an exclusive focus on the climate crisis.

Mission: Enable data-driven climate actions by both consumers and businesses.

Areas of expertise: Modeling, simulation, resource efficiency, carbon footprinting and life-cycle assessment.

Company history: CleanMetrics Corp was a leading provider of LCA tools, data and services in the 2007-2012 time frame. During this period, we worked with more than three dozen customers in many different economic sectors to quantify and reduce their GHG emissions and other environmental impacts. We developed many LCA resources, including FoodCarbonScope (the leading LCA tool for food/agriculture), CarbonScopeData (a comprehensive LCI database, including the most extensive data sets available for North American food production and processing), CarbonScope (a general-purpose LCA tool) and BuildingScope (an LCA tool for evaluating building construction and operation). We also published extensively on climate and sustainability, including pioneering peer-reviewed research on the climate impacts of foods (animal vs. plant proteins, organic vs. conventional crops, and the climate impacts of food waste). Our work was covered by leading media outlets such as the National Public Radio and the Wall Street Journal.

Founder: Kumar Venkat


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