ClimateSim™ is a fast and simple climate modeling and simulation tool. It is a web app that is freely available to anyone interested in climate science. ClimateSim allows users to model scenarios of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the current century and simulates the first-order response of the earth system.

ClimateSim is targeted to undergraduate and advanced high-school students in physics, geoscience, and environmental science courses. We (CleanMetrics+ScienceBySimulation) developed ClimateSim to be a science education tool primarily that can be used as a virtual lab. It makes climate simulation accessible in a simplified form to all students and provides an easy-to-use simulation platform for performing virtual climate experiments. Instructors can use ClimateSim to illustrate climate-change concepts, demonstrate dynamic relationships between climate variables, and assign simulation-based exercises as part of their courses. It comes with a detailed user guide and ready-to-use virtual lab exercises

ClimateSim is also an appropriate and accessible tool that policymakers, journalists and others can use to get a better understanding and working knowledge of the basics of climate science.

ClimateSim is listed in the National Science Digital Library , MERLOT EdSurge and LearnPlatform databases as an online science education tool, and is also available through the LibreTexts open-access textbook project.


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