Our life-cycle assessment (LCA) tools and life-cycle inventory (LCI) database are free for individual users with some restrictions. FoodCarbonScope is always free for academic/research use, and we are providing it free to business users right now. We currently do not support app developers, but will be offering APIs in the near future and will announce the use models soon.





Comprehensive LCI database with over 1600 materials, products and processes. Additional items are being added. The database is free to browse. We are working on an API to support app developers.


Industry-leading Food LCA tool capable of easily modeling full life cycles of food and agricutural products. Includes CarbonScopeData as the underlying LCI database. If you would like a free subscription for academic or business use, please email us from a university/company email address and provide a brief description of you how you plan to use FoodCarbonScope.


Food carbon calculator appropriate for simplified LCAs of food supply chains. Uses a subset of CarbonScopeData.

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