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Custom Software Tools and Databases

CleanMetrics can bring sustainability solutions to life through cutting-edge software tools. We combine deep expertise in environmental performance analysis with top-notch software development capabilities to produce custom software tools and databases tailored precisely for the needs of your business. While some companies and organizations only need our analysis services, others are increasingly interested in tools that can dynamically perform these analyses for them on an ongoing basis.

Our Solutions

Our offerings include both desktop and web-based software tools that you can deploy within your organization and/or provide to your customers. Our tools combine ease of use with powerful analysis capabilities, backed by specialized databases in many cases. They can be designed specifically to support and enhance corporate sustainability initiatives, cost reduction in a triple bottom line context, sales and marketing efforts based on green credentials, product eco-labeling, customer education, and many similar applications.

We have significant software infrastructure -- including a library of key software components and databases that we have already developed and tested in our own products -- that we can leverage as we develop new applications, which saves both time and cost in most cases. We typically program with C++ for Unix/Linux desktop applications; Visual C++/C# and .NET for Windows desktop applications; and, Visual C# and ASP.NET for web applications on Windows servers. We work with all common databases, including SQL and Access. We can also develop Excel-based custom tools including extensive macro programming.

If you are developing your own in-house software applications, we can provide custom databases that you can integrate with your applications.

Sample Applications

  • Interactive analysis and reporting of supply-chain environmental performance metrics, such as energy use and carbon emissions, for large/complex product distribution networks
  • Interactive life-cycle carbon footprint analysis for a product line or group of products, for user-selected combinations of product characteristics, processing, packaging, supplier locations, transport networks and modes, customer locations, etc.
  • Sustainability dashboards to track and report facility-wide or company-wide environmental performance metrics such as energy use, emissions and waste
  • Company-wide accounting and management of greenhouse gas emissions, including hotspot indicators, reporting of historical performance, and the ability to set/track emission reduction targets

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and to view a web-based demonstration of some of our existing software products.

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