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Modeling and Simulation

CleanMetrics can deploy powerful modeling and simulation techniques to help you understand and optimize business processes, potential impacts of business decisions, customer behavior and response, and public policy. As with much of our work, our primary focus is on problems related to sustainability and environmental performance.

Our Solutions

We can choose from various modeling paradigms depending on the problem, including:

  • System dynamics
  • Agent-based modeling and simulation
  • Discrete event simulation

We will work closely with you to define the purpose of the model, state the questions to be investigated, specify the temporal and spatial boundaries of the model, document other assumptions, and help with collection of data that will be used to calibrate and test the model. We typically use commercially available simulation software to build and simulate the model, and we can add custom software as needed. Our goal would be to create a computational laboratory that adequately replicates the real system of interest, and generates insights and answers that are difficult to obtain without computational tools.










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