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Climate Solutions

We enable data-driven climate actions by both businesses and consumers.

Update (January 1, 2023): Check out our new climate tech venture! Climate Trajectories is a climate services provider working to make projections about future climate accessible and actionable. Our mission is to help planners, designers, builders, and producers make sense of the vast amounts of climate scenario data available today from global and regional climate models, and climate-proof their businesses and projects as far as possible.

Climate Trajectories

Update (June 1, 2021): Planet FWD
has acquired all of the CleanMetrics LCA/GHG tools, databases and related technologies. We no longer offer subscriptions to these tools or related consulting services. We will maintain the resources on this website as a reference source for anyone interested in product LCAs and corprorate GHG inventories.

We are a climate tech startup offering innovative tools and databases to make emissions accounting fast, easy, affordable and scalable. Our mission is to enable data-driven climate actions by both businesses and consumers. We are doing this by reducing the barriers to accessing high-quality data, making it easier to understand the data, and then providing guidance on how businesses and consumers can act on that data to really move the needle on climate.

Tools and Databases

We currently offer a range of innovative life-cycle assessment (LCA) tools and databases for carbon footprinting and other applications, as well as simulation tools. Some of these are free resources while other solutions are subscription based.

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Consulting Services

We offer consulting services backed by our extensive experience in this space. We can undertake LCAs, product carbon footprint analyses and GHG inventory analyses, and provide detailed guidance on mitigating the climate impacts of your operations.

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