Cleanmetrics 2.0

CleanMetrics 2.0 is a reboot of CleanMetrics. We all know that the climate situation is dire and we have a limited time to act. Our goal with CleanMetrics 2.0 is to focus on climate solutions from all useful angles and perspectives with a sense of urgency and purpose. Please stay tuned as we get this off the ground, and feel free to share your ideas and suggestions with us at


For starters, we will be offering free access to our key LCA resources:

* FoodCarbonScope, our web-based comprehensive food LCA tool, will continue to be free for academic and research use. Contact us at for access.

* If you don't need a full LCA tool, try our free food carbon emissions calculator at

* CarbonScopeData, our LCI database with over 1600 materials, products and processes, will soon be free to browse and access.



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