Tools and Databases

We offer carbon footprinting and life-cycle assessment (LCA) tools, life-cycle inventory (LCI) databases, and simulators. Our tools are designed to easily model, quantify and generate insights about the climate impacts of business operations, products, materials and processes.

Please see descriptions of our current offerings below and let us know if you have any questions.




Our new flagship carbon modeling tool that can do everything from corporate greenhouse gas inventories to product LCAs. Includes CarbonScopeData as the underlying LCI database. Available through subscription. CarbonScope is currently in beta test, with production release planned for June/July 2020.


Industry-leading food LCA tool capable of easily modeling full life cycles of food and agricutural products. Includes CarbonScopeData as the underlying LCI database. Available through subscription.
Commerical users: Contact us for pricing.  Academic/research/non-profit users: If you would like a free subscription, please email us from a university or non-profit email address and provide a brief description of you how you plan to use FoodCarbonScope.


Food carbon calculator appropriate for simplified LCAs of food supply chains. Based on a subset of CarbonScopeData. The tool is free to use.


Comprehensive LCI database comprised of both process LCI (PLCI) and environmentally extended input-output LCI (EEIOLCI) data. The PLCI portion contains over 1600 materials, products and processes. The EEIOLCI portion contains data for 385 US goods and services. The database is integral to all of our LCA tools, and it is free to browse.


Fast and simple climate simulator. Allows users to model scenarios of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the current century and simulates the first-order response of the earth system. Perfect for getting a better understanding and working knowledge of the basics of climate science. Appropriate for high-school/undergraduate students, teachers, journalists and policymakers. The tool is free to use.